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ENS is a naming system on Ethereum which lets you attach human readable names to your crypto address. With ENS, people can send you Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ether, or any other currency to something like "myname.eth" instead of "0x857928749827984373983789...". ENS also helps with validation - it's much harder to mistype a name that looks and sounds familiar, than it is to mistype a long and unmemorable address of letters and numbers.

Subdomains let you register a sub-domain on a main domain. For example, dev.eth is a main domain. But you can register a subdomain like "". This can come in handy when there are no readable names available that match your needs, or when you're registering different aspects of your name. Since subdomains can be anything, you can register "" for your wallet, "" for the website about crypto that you're running, "" for the address you use for only CryptoKitties, "" for a trading account so you can just give it to auditors or accountants, etc.

Subdomains are able to do anything main domains can do, with one extra trick: whereas main domains require the owner to pay rent (e.g. dev.eth costs 3.4 ether per year!), subdomains are only paid once! This means your claimed subdomain name is yours forever.

If you have a domain and would like to sell subdomains of it on this site, ping me via email or @bitfalls on Twitter. An automated process is coming soon!